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Oct 2021

Gal Pals Watch A Date With Mad Mary

Episode 67: A Date for Mad Mary

Hiya queeros! This month we are watching an actually pretty good movie! The 2016 Irish film A Date for Mad Mary is a surprisingly great example of nuanced and bittersweet storytelling based on a one-woman play, and it is way better than its title. Tune in to hear us talk about ambiguity, love, and ~personal growth~ involving dancing and learning to show up and move on. Happy listening y'all!
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Sep 2021

Gal Pals Watch See You Then


Sarah Neilson

5:25 PM (2 hours ago)

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Episode 66: See You Then

Hey lovely queers! It's us, Alicia and Sarah! This month, we bought tickets to virtual screenings of some movies at LA's Outfest, and we love virtual screenings because we can "go to" tons of different festivals! This movie is one we saw via Outfest, and it stars Lynn Chen of Saving Face fame, which is tbh 99% of the reason we wanted to see it. This movie takes place over the course of one night (mostly) and involves a lot of ~*dramatic*~ dialogue which sometimes does not work for us, but we love to see a trans woman centered in a movie (not Lynn Chen - the other lead, Pooya Mohseni's Kris) even though lack of representation means that too much weight gets put on the few characters there are to be everything for everyone, etc etc we get into it! Tune in and hear us talk about Performance Art, Drama, Gender, Etc. Thanks for listening friends!
Aug 2021

Gal Pals Watch Set It Off

Episode 65: Set It Off
Hi queeros! This month we're taking it back to 1996, to a movie that is not very gay but it does feature Queen Latifah in a queer role which is why we wanted to watch it! Tune in to hear Alicia and Sarah's thoughts about why this movie sad heist rather than fun heist, and how gay the character of Cleo is/is not?! In all seriousness, this film is not exactly fun to watch but remains timely (unfortunately) in its portrayal of police brutality and centers stories of working-class Black women, and is full of amazing performances (and some easter eggs) too. We have thoughts and feelings and also want to hear what you think!
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Set It Off Wikipedia page
Jul 2021

Gal Pals Watch Dating Amber

Episode 64: Dating Amber

Hello beautiful queers! This month we’ve got a treat for all you 90s gays and everyone else too. We watched the cute little beard movie Dating Amber, which is set in Ireland in 1995. Tune in to listen to Alicia and Sarah talk about complicated romantic-ish relationships, cute gay kids, peer bullying, gay bars, the military, and that adorable lesbian sunset montage. It’s a really fun ride this month, enjoy!!
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Jun 2021

Gal Pals Watch The World To Come

Episode 63: The World to Come

Hello lovely queers of the world! Happy pride month and all that. This month, Alicia and Sarah are talking about the Late 2020 Lesbian Period Drama (vol. 783 in the Lesbian Period Drama canon), The World to Come. It is winter in here, it's bleak! Get in but also stay away if you don't like Sadness! There are some redeeming qualities to this film for sure, but tune in to hear why it mainly threw us for a loop. Enjoy!
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Mona Fastvold on Capturing Tragic Love in The World to Come, Collaborating with the LGBT Community, and Dancing to Vox Lux by Joshua Encinias

May 2021

Gal Pals Watch The Half of It

Episode 62: The Half of It
Hello lovelies! It is us, your forever gay aunts! This month we are talking about the movie that got us all through that early lil bit of the pan pizza in May 2020, The Half of It! In case for some unfathomable reason you don't know about this adorable movie, it is the long-awaited sophomore venture from ultimate fave Alice Wu (check out our episode on her first film, 2004's Saving Face). The movie is almost about sophomores but is actually about seniors in high school in a fictional Washington state town (which is where we also live! Washington state, not a fictional town, unless you want to get metaphorical about Seattle being FAKE). It follows very sweet and smart and wonderful queer teen Ellie Chu in a story that, as we conclude, is a major glow-up for the Cyrano de Bergerac plot. Tune in to hear our thoughts, of which we have some!
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Autostraddle review by Malinda Lo

Apr 2021

Gal Pals Watch Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt)

Episode 61: Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie's Dead Aunt)
Howdy, beautiful listeners! We are back from a winter spent in survival mode, hbu? Shooting for the stars that we will be on a monthly recording schedule from here on out :) Today we start out with a lil update, including a discussion of our tagline and why we decided to change it. Then we get into the ~*cute*~ Australian film, Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie's Dead Aunt)! Which Sarah can only think of as Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie's GAY Aunt), but it's fine. We saw this one "at" the Seattle Queer Film Festival, but if you live in Aus or aren't an Elder like us and know your way around a VPN, you can stream it online. Regardless, this movie was like if The Prom was good, and it has a lot of queer shit going on in front of and behind the camera, so join us as we talk about it to each other and your ears. Love ya, take care of yourselves!
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Binge (Australian streaming service), if ya savvy: 
Dec 2020

Gal Pals Watch Happiest Season

Episode 60: Happiest Season

Hello gays! We are back with a brand-new episode of the highly anticipated (and now highly debated) movie, Happiest Season, directed by Clea DuVall (of But I'm a Cheerleader fame). There are things we loved and things we did not love about this movie--we talk about those things around Sarah stanning KStew. We're so happy to be back! Stay safe!
Mar 2020

Gal Pals Watch Wild Nights with Emily

Episode 59: Wild Nights With Emily

Hey all you beautifuls! We hope you are weathering this really wild and not great time. We're here this week with a movie that's the good kind of wild, Wild Nights With Emily. If you're stuck at home, which at this point I'm pretty sure we all are, and you can stream stuff, watch this!! It's so good! And then listen to us gush about how the oddball workings of Madeleine Olnek's (of Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same fame) mind worked wonders on this story of Emily Dickinson's life. Stay safe, y'all.
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Wild Nights With Emily Wikipedia page
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Mar 2020

Gal Pals Watch Tell It To The Bees

Episode 58: Tell it to The Bees
Hi, 1950s lesbians! This movie is real bad but we watched it for you anyway! Taking place in postwar Britain and involving a lot of Lesbian Staring, a precocious skinny white kid, rape, racism, senseless magical realism, and weird CGI bees, this movie is not our favorite. But you can listen us get mad/laugh at it, and talk about how boring straights are! 
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Tell it to The Bees Wikipedia page
Fiona Shaw's article on how they made her gay ending into a straight ending


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