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May 2021

Gal Pals Watch The Half of It

May 7, 2021
Episode 62: The Half of It
Hello lovelies! It is us, your forever gay aunts! This month we are talking about the movie that got us all through that early lil bit of the pan pizza in May 2020, The Half of It! In case for some unfathomable reason you don't know about this adorable movie, it is the long-awaited sophomore venture from ultimate fave Alice Wu (check out our episode on her first film, 2004's Saving Face). The movie is almost about sophomores but is actually about seniors in high school in a fictional Washington state town (which is where we also live! Washington state, not a fictional town, unless you want to get metaphorical about Seattle being FAKE). It follows very sweet and smart and wonderful queer teen Ellie Chu in a story that, as we conclude, is a major glow-up for the Cyrano de Bergerac plot. Tune in to hear our thoughts, of which we have some!
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