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Feb 2020

Gal Pals Watch Lorraine Hansberry: Sighted Eyes Feeling Heart

Episode 56: Sighted Eyes, Feeling Heart
Helloooo literary lez's and otherwise identified queers! Have you read the book Looking for Lorraine by Imani Perry? Because you should. But you can also watch this pretty good, very PBS style doc about Lorraine Hansberry, aka one of the baddest/best humans ever to be too good for America. If you don't know, Hansberry wrote the 1959 play A Raisin in the Sun, which you probably read in high school, and was a huge hit and made into a movie. But tbh that was the least of her amazingness. She was a true queen. Also, she was queer af. Listen in to hear us talk about this movie, the book Looking for Lorraine (which is much gayer, and also one of Sarah's favorite books of all time), and how much we stan this communist activist legend. Enjoy!
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Jan 2020

Gal Pals Watch Rafiki

Episode 55: Rafiki

This week, we're headed to Nairobi, where two of the most lovable lesbian characters ever fall in love in a movie whose title translates to 'friend,' aka gal pal, obvs. We loved this movie, even though it has some serious homophobic violence, because it also has serious homophilic love. Enjoy, queeros!
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Rafiki Wikipedia page
Jan 2020

Gal Pals Watch The Girl King

Episode 54: The Girl King

We're going even farther back in time this week, queers! Last time, we went to the 1920s with Vita and Virginia. Now, we're going to the 1630s!! This movie made by a Finnish director, taking place in Sweden, and spoken in English for some reason, is about Christina, Queen of Sweden and First Names (that last part is not real). Queen Christina was A Gay but somehow got bought (not literally, but still) by the pope and is one of only two women buried next to a pope. Because patriarchy! And Catholicism! Same same. Christina is also remembered as the Virgin Queen which is bull.shit. because we all know virginity is a construct! Anyway, we liked this movie alright, so you can listen to us talk about it. Love ya, gay virgins!
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Variety review by Dennis Harvey
Jan 2020

Gal Pals Watch Vita and Virginia

Episode 53: Vita and Virginia

Hello and happy new year, cute queers! For our first episode of 2020, we're going back to the other 20's -- the 1920's! We watched the 2018 adaptation of one of the most epic literary love affairs to ever be super well-documented, namely that of Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf. And, well, it could've been better. Listen to us talk about what we liked and didn't like about this long-ass movie, teary-eyed Virginia, and some random CGI -- and get some rec's for books and letters to read instead! This particular love affair is exactly Alicia's wheelhouse, so that part is really fun. Enjoy!
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Dec 2019

Gal Pals Watch Season of Love

Episode 52: Season of Love

Happy Holigays, y'all! This week, we're talking about the brand new shiny holiday romcom Season of Love, which was produced by (and is now streaming on) Tello Films! It's Love Actually but queer, so not like Love Actually at all. It's really cute and even though there is one very large plot hole that annoyed Sarah, the level of adorable Gay Cheese in this movie is exactly what your December heart needs. Trust us. Enjoy! (Full disclosure, we were invited to a screening if this movie, but opinions are our own)
Links and things:
Subscribe to the all-queer-womxn-content service Tello Films!
You can also get the movie here
Review from The Advocate by Tracy E. Gilchrist

Dec 2019

Gal Pals Watch Collette

Episode 51: Colette

Welcome to France, y'all! This week, we're talking about the 2018 Keira Knightly biopic of early-20th-century writer Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette aka Colette aka Queer Writer Who Hates Patriarchy. Even though she was married to, abused, and exploited by her trash husband for many years, she eventually found her way to her best queer life. This life included writing a ton of novels (that were under her name) and being an artist and an all-around badass. Which she was able to do because of her class and race, kinda like Gentleman Jack and all those other rich white lesbians. But we still think she's cool, mostly, and that this movie is pretty good!
Further reading:
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Wikipedia page for the person
Nov 2019

Gal Pal Watch Interview with Danielle Earle!

Episode 50: Interview with Danielle Earle!

Hey queeros! This week we have a very special episode, our second interview ever (check out our Pride month interview with Mandahla Rose in the archive!). This week, we're talking with filmmaker, writer, director, and producer Danielle Earle. Danielle has approximately 3,000 projects because she is extremely passionate about grassroots filmmaking and representation. And we are lucky that she is! You can find her on Instagram @de227, Twitter @PLSTREETTEAM, and on her website, We talk about some of the projects she's worked on in the past, including films and web series, and the many upcoming ones, including Chasing Love, (which you can find on InstagramFacebook, and their website -- go donate!) We hope you enjoy this conversation :)
Nov 2019

Gal Pals Watch Anatomy of a Love Seen

Episode 49: Anatomy of a Love Seen
This week, we're talking about a meta movie that was honestly a little too meta. This 2014 movie about trying to film a lesbian love scene is high on Gay Melodrama and low on pretty much everything else. It's not the worst thing? But it's not the best. Join us as we talk about sex scenes, adolescent behavior that honestly is disappointing, being bored, fun panels at ClexaCon, and some queer animated shorts! Enjoy!
Further reading: Anatomy of a Love Seen Wikipedia page
Oct 2019

Gal Pals Watch Heavenly Creatures

Episode 48: Heavenly Creatures


Happy Halloween, ya gays! This week, we've got a spooky little episode because it involves MURDER. But it's also true crime which makes it even scarier! We're talking about the 1994 Peter Jackson (yeah, that guy) film Heavenly Creatures, which was the first movie ever for both Melanie Lynsky and Kate Winslet! And boy howdy, it was a doozie. There's some psychological STUFF happening here that is equally disturbing and oddly beautiful. Well, until it gets out of control, then it's just disturbing. But the New Zealand accents will keep it charming. Fun fact, Sarah's mind is blown with the "where are they now" segment. Maybe yours will be too! Have fun, spooks!


Further reading:

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Sarah’s Book Corner rec: Initiated: Memoir of a Witch by Amanda Yates Garcia

Oct 2019

Gal Pals Watch The Favourite

Episode 47: The Favourite

Hey Gays! This week we're talking about the 2018 PERIOD DRAMA (get it?), The Favourite. It's about how gay Queen Anne and her handmaidens were. It's very 1700s. We think you'll like it. Get on your gay wigs and gather your gay racing ducks, and get ready for some dirty ole fun!
Further reading:
The Favourite Wikipedia page
Sarah's Book Corner rec: When Brooklyn Was Queer by Hugh Ryan
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