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Feb 2019

Gal Pals Watch The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Episode 28: The Miseducation of Cameron Post

We're finally doing it bbs! This classic novel was turned into a film in 2018, and Sarah and Alicia have a lot of feels about it! Tune in to hear us gush about how much the novel means to to us, how great the acting is in this movie, how sad is this world right?!?!, the perfection of Blessercize, and how freaking awesome Cameron Post is as a character. Also, we continue to stan for Sasha Lane. We're also ready for a sequel. Of the book, but also the movie. Enjoy!
Things mentioned: This *gem* of a video, the original Blessercize! You're welcome.
Feb 2019

Gal Pals Watch Trigger

Episode 27: Trigger

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Tig Notaro played an aging rock star whose relationship with her former music partner is tenuous but also with very gay undertones? Maybe you will like this 2010 Canadian film! (Tig Notaro isn't in it. One of the actors just reminds us of her.) 
Things mentioned: Trigger Wikipedia page
Jan 2019

Gal Pals Watch Elena Undone

Episode 26: Elena Undone

This movie has the longest kiss in cinematic history, because queers be committed! Join Alicia and Sarah as they discuss this chaotic yet sexy 2010 romp involving a cute, pragmatic lesbian and a preacher's HELL TO THE GAY but in denial wife. Yep.
Things mentioned: Elena Undone Wikipedia page
Jan 2019

Gal Pals Watch Lez Bomb

Episode 25: Lez Bomb

What's that you say? You've watched Home Alone too many times and you really just wish there was an over-the-top family holiday dramedy with some lesbians? Well, 2018's Lez Bomb is for you! Alicia and Sarah are pretty impressed with the woman who wrote, directed, AND starred in this film, but they have some... feelings about the storyline(s). Happy Thanksgiving! (lol not in real life)
Things mentioned: 
Lez Bomb Film Review by Frank Scheck for Hollywood Reporter
Jan 2019

Gal Pals Watch But I’m a Cheerleader

Episode 24: But I'm A Cheerleader
YASS we're finally discussing this *classic* of the queer film canon! It's not even our first with RuPaul! But in this movie, RuPaul wears a t-shirt that says "Straight is Great," which is hilarious enough in itself. But if you come for that, stay for the ridiculous gender roles, the pastel colors, the WILD dialogue, Melanie Lynsky's New Zealand accent, Power Team Natasha Lyonne and Clea DuVall, the Queer Vigilante, and like everything else. But also, conversion therapy isn't funny. Except in this movie. Discuss.
Things mentioned:
Natasha Lyonne's NYT interview by Kathryn Shattuck
Jan 2019

Gal Pals Watch Drifting Flowers

Episode 23: Drifting Flowers
It's our first non-English-speaking film! Join Sarah and Alicia as they navigate this beautiful and at times confusing 2008 Taiwanese film featuring the cutest soft butches we've probably ever seen in film. Plus a lot of gender play! Worth it even though some of it makes no sense!
Things mentioned:
Dec 2018

Gal Pals Watch Hearts Beat Loud

Episode 22: Hearts Beat Loud
Does your heart beat for amazing and adorable feel-good movies with some awesome queers who are played by queers? We  thought so! This movie rocks, in the cool sense and the music sense. We'll be keeping our eyes on Kiersey Clemons and Sasha Lane 5ever. Also this movie has Nick Offerman and Toni Collette and Ted Danson! Happy new year, ya gays!
Dec 2018

Gal Pals Watch Carol

Episode 21: Carol

This week we're making the yuletide gay! Join Alicia and Sarah as they discuss the best lesbian Christmas movie so far, which may or may not be outdone by that Kristen Stewart/Cléa DuVall movie that comes out sometime in the future. Happy Holigays!
Things mentioned:
Autostraddle's Mommi article
Kate McKinnon Carol parody
Carol Wikipedia page
Todd Haynes Wikipedia page
A really great Christmas movie flow chartfrom Autostraddle
Dec 2018

Gal Pals Watch The Truth About Jane

Episode 20: The Truth About Jane
Hello dear friends, this week Alicia and Sarah are discussing the 2000 LIfetime movie The Truth About Jane aka When Stockard Channing Was Unreasonably Homophobic And RuPaul Was Unrealistically Friends With Boring White Ladies. CW for extreme homophobia and discussion of suicide, as well as the mention of The Children's Hour aka the most upsetting gay movie ever. Except maybe for Girl, Interrupted which was one of Sarah's Gay Awakening films. Alicia's was this one, so tune in to hear her thoughts all these rainbow-y years later! 
Things mentioned: 
Dec 2018

Gal Pals Watch Battle of the Sexes

Episode 19: Battle of the Sexes
Hello, Power Gays. This one's for you. Join Sarah and Alicia as they gush over this 2017 near-perfect GAY film that features GAY Emma Stone, GAY fairy godmother Allan Cumming, GAY Natalie Morales, HETERO Larry King (both of the Larry's), GAY ASMR and GAY ice cream, among other powerful gay things. You're welcome.
Natalie Morales on Larry King LOLOLOL: