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May 2019

Gal Pals Watch Summertime/La Belle Saison

Episode 36: Summertime/La Belle Saison
 This week we're continuing our little European tour with a French movie that has much gay! We're not going to lie, this is one of the whitest movies we've seen, which is saying something. But it also has a lot of Lesbian Drama TM, some very great sex and kissing scenes if you're int that, some #Cophine vibes, very pretty landscapes, second-wave feminism (we said it was white), French, and most importantly, Sarah's favorite trope: farm dykes! Join Alicia and Sarah as they dig into this 2015 film.
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Apr 2019

Gal Pals Watch The Night Watch

Episode 35: The Night Watch

Are you a Classic(s) Lesbian? If so, and even if not, you might be familiar with Lesbian Literary Icon Sarah Waters. Today Alicia and Sarah talk about the 2011 BBC movie adaptation of one of her beloved novels. It's got intrigue, it's got romance, it's got a cute soft butch in oversize clothes, it's got English accents, and it has a lot of gays! This one's for you, historical fiction fans.

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Apr 2019

Gal Pals Watch A Perfect Ending

Episode 34: A Perfect Ending
Hello, Gays, and we're sorry. This movie is problematic af and also terrible. But you can hear Alicia and Sarah talk about it anyway! And draw all the parallels between this 2012 trainwreck and previously-talked-about Elena Undone! Which was made by the same director, surprise! Plus Sarah is not done talking about her Very Gay AWP experience, so tune in for some literary story time.
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Apr 2019

Gal Pals Watch The Watermelon Woman

Episode 33: The Watermelon Woman

Welcome, Queers of the World, to the pinnacle of Lesbian Filmmaking! Have you already had the pleasure of seeing Watermelon Woman? Have you heard of it but didn't really get the synopsis you skimmed that time six years ago? Are you out of the loop on this 1996 stunner of a Film? Please enjoy some minutes of gushing and discussion from Sarah and Alicia, who would both rank this Cheryl Dunye classic among their top 3 movies, if they had a list. And more importantly, watch this engaging, layered, funny, serious, got-it-all piece of art. Plus, Sarah makes some fun Dyke Culture connections at AWP!
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Mar 2019

Gal Pals Watch Bound

Episode 32: Bound 


This week we're talking about Lesbian Classic Bound, which is a Wachowski film with a lot of Lesbian Sex and also so much violence that Sarah actually had to stop watching it and put her head between her knees! But we get into it anyway, and we hope you enjoy this *crisp* convo.
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Mar 2019

Gal Pals Watch Anchor and Hope

Episode 31: Anchor and Hope

Hey gays, we're back! Due to many weird circumstances, we went on a little forced hiatus, but we're back and literally better than ever because we have a new mic y'all! This week we have a recent release in which Tonks, who shoulda been gay, is actually gay! Except in this movie Natalia Tena plays Kat, a soft butch who lives on a houseboat with her gal pal who desperately wants to have a baby. Spoiler alert: Tonks I mean Kat doesn't! This some real slow dyke drama so get on in here!
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Feb 2019

Gal Pals Watch A Marine Story

Episode 30: Marine Story

Do you have really complicated and/or negative feelings about the military? So do we! But we watched this installment of Dreya Weber and Husband Make Movies With Gay or Bisexual Women anyway! It is a real journey of a movie, but the best surprise is out lesbian actor Paris Pickard, whose cool level Sarah cannot get over. (Maybe it's the KStew vibes?) Join Alicia and Sarah as they discuss this 2010 movie that involves maybe too many things!
Things mentioned: 
Wikipedia page
Paris Pickard interview in Go Magazine
Feb 2019

Gal Pals Watch Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same

Episode 29: Codependent Lesbian Alien Seeks Same

Y'all, this black and white film from 2012 is WEIRD. But it's weird in gayest way! Do yourself a favor and grab all of your queer friends, make a *lot* of popcorn (you'll want it while watching the Jiffy Pop space ship fly around), and laugh your cute gay butts off. Then listen to Alicia and Sarah talk about it! Underrated, for sure!
Things mentioned:
Wikipedia page
Official website
Feb 2019

Gal Pals Watch The Miseducation of Cameron Post

Episode 28: The Miseducation of Cameron Post

We're finally doing it bbs! This classic novel was turned into a film in 2018, and Sarah and Alicia have a lot of feels about it! Tune in to hear us gush about how much the novel means to to us, how great the acting is in this movie, how sad is this world right?!?!, the perfection of Blessercize, and how freaking awesome Cameron Post is as a character. Also, we continue to stan for Sasha Lane. We're also ready for a sequel. Of the book, but also the movie. Enjoy!
Things mentioned: This *gem* of a video, the original Blessercize! You're welcome.
Feb 2019

Gal Pals Watch Trigger

Episode 27: Trigger

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Tig Notaro played an aging rock star whose relationship with her former music partner is tenuous but also with very gay undertones? Maybe you will like this 2010 Canadian film! (Tig Notaro isn't in it. One of the actors just reminds us of her.) 
Things mentioned: Trigger Wikipedia page