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Dec 2018

Gal Pals Watch Carol

Episode 21: Carol

This week we're making the yuletide gay! Join Alicia and Sarah as they discuss the best lesbian Christmas movie so far, which may or may not be outdone by that Kristen Stewart/Cléa DuVall movie that comes out sometime in the future. Happy Holigays!
Things mentioned:
Autostraddle's Mommi article
Kate McKinnon Carol parody
Carol Wikipedia page
Todd Haynes Wikipedia page
A really great Christmas movie flow chartfrom Autostraddle
Dec 2018

Gal Pals Watch The Truth About Jane

Episode 20: The Truth About Jane
Hello dear friends, this week Alicia and Sarah are discussing the 2000 LIfetime movie The Truth About Jane aka When Stockard Channing Was Unreasonably Homophobic And RuPaul Was Unrealistically Friends With Boring White Ladies. CW for extreme homophobia and discussion of suicide, as well as the mention of The Children's Hour aka the most upsetting gay movie ever. Except maybe for Girl, Interrupted which was one of Sarah's Gay Awakening films. Alicia's was this one, so tune in to hear her thoughts all these rainbow-y years later! 
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Dec 2018

Gal Pals Watch Battle of the Sexes

Episode 19: Battle of the Sexes
Hello, Power Gays. This one's for you. Join Sarah and Alicia as they gush over this 2017 near-perfect GAY film that features GAY Emma Stone, GAY fairy godmother Allan Cumming, GAY Natalie Morales, HETERO Larry King (both of the Larry's), GAY ASMR and GAY ice cream, among other powerful gay things. You're welcome.
Natalie Morales on Larry King LOLOLOL:
Nov 2018

Gal Pals Watch Almost Adults

Episode 18: Almost Adults

So, we know that Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman (and Sarah & Adriana from The Gay Women Channel on YouTube) are lesbian darlings. But like, this movie is a huge disappointment? Join Alicia and Sarah as they dissect the many, many problematic and just annoying parts of this movie that was made in 2016 but feels like it belongs in the 90s. Not in a good way.
Things mentioned: The Gay Women Channel/Unsolicited Project:
Nov 2018

Gal Pals Watch The Gymnast

Episode 17: The Gymnast, 2006

Join Alicia and Sarah as they discuss the 2006 film The Gymnast, in which two jacked women have fabric-sex with their bodies! It makes sense if you watch it. Come for the misandry, stay for the knives and the corsets! And the gymnastics, obvs.
Things mentioned:
Dreya Weber Wikipedia page
AfterEllen review
Nov 2018

Gal Pals Watch I Can’t Think Straight

Episode 16: I Can't Think Straight, 2008
Sarah describes this movie as Crazy Rich Asians + Notting Hill but with brown lesbians, and honestly do you need to know more? Join Alicia and Sarah as they discuss religion, class, tennis, sisters (like real sisters, not fake lesbian sisters), and how refreshingly obvious it is that a queer woman made this movie. Also, add it to the list of movies we like better than Imagine Me & You.
Things mentioned:
I Can't Think Straight Wikipedia page
Nov 2018

Gal Pals Watch and the Lez Represent Podcast Watch Saving Face

Episode 15: Saving Face
This week, Sarah and Alicia have a special guest! Erica from LezRepresent Podcast joins us to discuss possibly the best lesbian movie ever made, Saving Face. Join them as they talk about the rare joy of positive representation/own voices storytelling, hot moms, subverted tropes and How to Awkwardly Eat Food: A Study On Wil. 
Find Erica on Twitter:
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Nov 2018

Gal Pals Watch Mulholland Drive

Episode 14: Mulholland Drive
We're just going to be straight (ahem, gay) with you: this movie is messed up. But join Alicia and Sarah on their journey to try and make sense of this clusterf*ck of a film, rail on that patriarchy/White Art, appreciate Naomi Watts for who she is (which is only ever Diane?!), and hard thumbs-down this TRICK of a movie. Trick or treat! (The treat is last week's Better Than Chocolate).
Things mentioned: 
Mulholland Drive Wikipedia (good luck):
Oct 2018

Gal Pals Watch Better Than Chocolate

Episode 13: Better Than Chocolate
Have you ever had a sex dream that involved body paint that looked like chocolate but wasn't? Do you like butch/femme pairings? Are you obsessed with queer bookstores and/or questionable existential art? Then you'll love Better Than Chocolate! Except for its (many) problematic aspects! But seriously, this 1999 Canadian gay romp is an important part of queer pop culture history. It's definitely a product of its time, but it does have its surprisingly woke moments! Tune in to hear Sarah and Alicia talk about plot holes, dildos, art, trans representation, and moms. Enjoy!
Things mentioned:
Better Than Chocolate Wikipedia page
Oct 2018

Gal Pals Watch Desert Hearts

Episode 12: Desert Hearts
This week, Alicia and Sarah dig into this crucial film in the lesbian culture canon, and Sarah is downright shocked at how GAY this 1985 movie is! Want to hear about women in love in the desert who don't die or end up with men? Think you'd never find such a thing in a movie made before 2018? WELL HERE YOU GO.