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Sep 2018

Gal Pals Watch The Runaways

September 14, 2018

Episode 7: The Runaways (2010)

This week, Alicia and Sarah continue their tour of Sarah’s celebrity crushes with Power Lesbian Kristen Stewart in her role as another Power Lesbian, Joan Jett. Both Sarah and Alicia agree: this movie is 5/5 Totinos. Listen as they talk about the exploitation of women, the ways in which Kim Fowley was a monster of a human being, the visual and audio perfection of this movie, and everyone’s favorite curly-haired cutie Alia Shawkat!

Articles mentioned: 

Joan Jett Q&A: What she thinks of 'The Runaways,' the film's lesbian scenes and Kristen Stewart by Jim Farber

Wikipedia articles worth reading (turns out Kim Fowley was even more horrible than we thought):